Hello and welcome!  Some folks may know me as “Patsy Pease the actress” but that’s not why I created this blog. My real life makes my acting career look boring…and I have a pretty neat acting career. 🙂

However, my personal difficulties  always seemed to baffle me. (and everyone around me) So much of my behavior remained a mystery and what little about the “roller coaster”( I called my  life)  was revealed felt brutally painful and extremely humiliating. So, it’s taken a lot of work to uncover,discover and discard the pain, the blame and the shame.

The best way I know to communicate is through story telling. After all, that’s what I do for a living. I am a professional story teller. In the pages of this blog my goal is to share my experience, strength and hope with anyone who may feel as I did. (and sometimes still do) I don’t have any answers. However, I can share some simple solutions that helped me, post a few links to cool inspirational stuff, but  most valuable of all (to me) is my experience …my story.

Also, my greatest asset , the thing that shamed me most (ironically) is also the thing that serves others best…my past.  Yep,that ugly thing! The good ,the bad and especially the ugly.

Funny, how  a clumsy word like ‘blog‘ can take an ugly duckling story like mine, share it with the world and create a swan! Thank you for being a part of this  transformational journey~Patsy

Source: About Patsy’s Place