~Child’s Play ~

I live next door to a Big Ugly Monster.

It waits for me night and day

swinging in its’ Big Ugly swing on a Monstrously Big Ugly porch

crying Big Ugly tears.

I run past.

A busy careful person steers clear of  Monstrous messes.

The more I dodged my Big Ugly Monster the louder it sobbed

It conned me into scheming scary plans all day.

I pictured  its’ Big Ugly death all night.

I tried to bypass my Monstrous blueprints with counterfeit prayers.

Still the night ruptured with Inhuman Wails.

It was Unbearable.

and then…

I understood .

I vaulted up the Monstrously Big porch

onto the Big Ugly swing.

My friendless friend rocked itself silent

I wrapped my shaking arms round it’s untouchable shape

And we began to swing

Embracing all its’ Ugliness I felt like singing!

Oh, I was afraid I’d cry if I did-

So we just swung and swung

through a quiet night

Me and my Big Ugly Monster.